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Patient Testimonials


I want to thank Dr. Joe for helping me deal with my Crohn’s disease.  Since I have been his patient (2 weeks) my condition has improved tremendously.  I never thought I would be able to have a normal day again but under his care that is now possible.  I can’t thank you enough for giving me back my life.  My body hasn’t felt this good in a long time. I was also just blessed with twins and they will be patients of Dr. Joe’s as well!

Canton, GA

I have struggled with high cholesterol, high blood sugar and a general lack of energy for years.  I have been under Chiropractic care for 5 months and my cholesterol panel numbers are the lowest they have been in 10-years.  I have been able to drop some medications and feel like I have more energy to play with my kids... I am experiencing a better overall feeling about myself and my health.  I think Chiropractic care has been a tremendous asset to my overall well being.  My wife and my kids are under care with Dr. Joe too.  The staff genuinely cares that I am improving and are always friendly and positive.

Canton, GA

Before starting at Demyen Family Chiropractic, my overall health was good, not great.  I had been taking medication for high blood pressure for 15 years.  I had migraine headaches which occurred on average between 1 and 2 per month since I was a small child.  I have been told that they were hereditary because both my mother and grandmother had them often.
I began chiropractic care in the spring of 2009.  Since that time, my blood pressure medication was adjusted to a smaller dosage because it began averaging 115/65.  Now it has stabilized again at 120/70.  I have not had a migraine headache or taken any migraine prescription medication since May 2009.  Chiropractic care has helped me to learn that medication is not the answer to everything.
In the past I have found it difficult to take the time to devote to myself instead of to others around me.  Taking care of yourself should be a goal that we strive for, no matter how difficult.

Elaine Daniel
Acworth, GA

The Mrozinski family, like many other families in Georgia, is constantly on the go with Work, School, Sports and Community activities.  However, after years of traveling around the world and United States as a health conscious military family, we knew it was time to broaden our family’s health maintenance horizon through the benefits of Chiropractic care.  Demyen Family Chiropractic not only fine-tuned our unique physiological requirements but fused those personal health enhancements with the family unit foremost in mind.  Initial visits to Demyen Family Chiropractic and subsequent adjustments immediately improved our family quality of life.
Since starting Chiropractic care 1-year ago, we have enjoyed remarkable improvement in joint flexibility and physical comfort.  What is also noteworthy is Dr. Demyen's approach to Chiropractic, which includes listening to the patient and respecting the level of understanding each patient has about their state of health.  Because of this unique and respectful approach, our family was afforded the opportunity to take full advantage of Dr. Demyen's knowledge of the body and become part of the total body adjustment regimen.
Dr. Joe Demyen is a rare caliber health practitioner who is not only in-tune with his chosen profession but lives each day to ensure one more person realizes their fullest potential.  His intuitive instinct and innate ability to pin-point a client’s concern is truly inspiring.  The good that this man does for individuals and families faced with limited health alternatives to pain relief other than pharmaceuticals or surgery offered by their conventional Physicians, is the true and intended art of health care.  One of the best gifts or pieces of advice you can give a passing acquaintance, friend or family member in physical distress, is to recommend a visit to Demyen Family Chiropractic.  There is no doubt that Dr. Demyen is the finest and most knowledgeable Chiropractor in North Georgia.

Lawrence Mrozinski, Colonel, U.S. Army
Woodstock, GA

I used to have pretty bad lower back pain, I was tired all the time, and I just didn't have the energy I used to.  After being under Chiropractic care for about 6 months I have less back pain (some days not at all),  I have a lot more energy, and I feel as though I can focus on things better.
One of the most profound things that I have experienced at Demyen Family Chiropractic was coming in with a near migraine headache and a lot of global tension, and leaving feeling rejuvenated and without a headache.  Although, maybe I have not experienced it yet, Dr. Joe explains how difficult it is for him to adjust my neck... maybe one day he's going to perform some Chiro-judo-move involving his table, his leg, the activator, and a hammer... maybe that day I'll be surprised at the results!
I think it is important for everyone to really focus on their health, especially these days.  This includes the things we eat, the manner in which we take care of ourselves, and how we take care of our families.  Regardless of today's political debates on healthcare, it is each individual’s responsibility to take care of their own health, and that of their family.  Chiropractic care, specifically the care of Dr. Joe Demyen, really focuses on your nervous system, your brain, and how it all operates together.  The brain is the central processing unit of our bodies, what better place to start taking care of yourself?!  The rest is up to us through research, asking questions, (which Dr. Joe and Jes have ALWAYS been willing to answer), and making the right decisions when it comes to diet, exercise, vaccinations, and our overall health.
Canton, GA

Dr. Joe has converted this chiropractic skeptic into an educated and, much better adjusted, client for life!  He is a gifted educator and communicator and will teach you why certain things are happening in the body and how and why chiropractic care corrects them.  In a relaxed and open atmosphere, Dr. Joe and his staff make me and my family feel welcome and important!  My family is definitely feeling the better difference Dr. Joe and his team have made - from back pain, agonizing elbow pain, ADD, ear infections and a cold - our weekly, chiropractic 'vitamin' is allowing our bodies to work properly to eliminate these issues and/or reduce our pain without medicine or surgery!
Canton, GA

After a very serious car accident in 2009, I thought I would never get back to being myself. Dr. Joe not only has the medical knowledge my body needed to start the healing process but he and his staff are super compassionate and understanding. He listens to not only what you are saying but has a way of understanding your unspoken needs. I can't say enough good things about Dr. Joe... except HE IS DE BOMB!!!!
Canton, GA

We are grateful that we met and have chosen Dr. Joe as our primary care physician, for many reasons.  His quest to learn more and to continue both his personal studies and the training of new chiropractors, keeps him at the cutting edge of information and expertise.  This is a gift that each patient benefits from.  His insatiable desire for more information is matched by his goals to truly assist everyone of his patients achieve optimal health.  The genuine warmth and caring that we experience whenever we are at his family practice facility sets him apart from others.
Waleska, GA

Before I started seeing a Chiropractor I had once-in-a-while back pain and some days it was really bad. I have been seeing a Chiropractor for 10-years now and once I moved into the area, the friendly and caring staff at Demyen Family Chiropractic made us feel welcome to the area.  Because of Chiropractic I hardly need any painkillers or shots in my back like I once did.
Mike from Europe
Canton, GA

Prior to starting Chiropractic care, I was having back and shoulder pain, and often experiencing weakness in my arms and legs. I couldn’t trust myself to lift things with my right arm.  I have been under Chiropractic care for about 8 months now and I am stronger in my arms and legs. I don’t hesitate to carry groceries, lift dishes to a top shelf, etc., as I did when I started.
One of the most profound things that I have learned at Demyen Family Chiropractic is Dr. Joe has taught me several kinds of stretches and exercises that I can do to relieve pain and change muscle tone.  He doesn’t mind explaining why he’s doing certain adjustments.  I appreciate his willingness to take the time needed with each patient, even if it means I need to wait a few extra minutes.  I also like the fact that he works with families and children, not just adults.
Canton, GA

Dr. Joe is someone I unequivocally recommend for anyone seeking chiropractic services. He is professional, extremely knowledgeable about his field and very open.  He explains why he feels you need a course of action, listens to your concerns, and never pressures or insists on any treatment that you would not be comfortable with.
Canton, GA